Friday, 23 September 2011

My Life Plan.

Long time bloggers. I cannot believe how quickly time has past already since my last post. So much has happened and I am excited to blog about it. I have only just completed education and entered "University of Society"- i.e. the new adult world. This occurred to me that it may be time to write myself a life plan, to paint a picture of my new path.

Job by 22.
After facing many rejections, interviews, interview failure and re-trying, I found a job :) You have no idea how high I jumped when I received the phone call from the agency telling me that my holiday will soon be over because I was employed. It is THE most ideal job for me: standard 9-5 hours, no customer service involved (Which means I can just be myself and not pulling that fake smile on all the time), no competition towards targets- i.e. minimum office politics and no bitches...
But most importantly- The Career Pride. I am so grateful to be offered this job and I KNOW and appreciate how lucky I am..- I just love learning new things and enjoy the sense of pride once I have overcome a challenge and achieved good results.
This job has EVERYTHING that I ask for- I have always dreamt of becoming an office lady: Hair up, slipping into my black heels and walk in my black suit and white collar. My dream has come true! Here is a picture of me, smiling on my first day of work :)
And also some pictures of my work place and my decorated desk:
And so, my journey begins here.. Where do I want to be in ten years time?

Live out by 23.
I have always been living with my mom, with the only exception of my year abroad spent in Tokyo. But now I am ready to become independent from my parents. I am ready to take the turn to look after them.
For the past year I have had several arguments with my boyfriend regarding this topic. We've been together for almost 6 years now and the way that he appears to have no urge to move out with me really frustrated me. Until yesterday he said to me, "Why don't we just get a mortgage instead of renting since we can afford it?" It's exciting to think about, a new beginning, that belongs to us two.
I have so many ideas for the interior of my future house, do you? :)

Married by 25.
I am worried that once I move out I will never get a proposal, let alone a wedding. I am such a romantic- I have always believed that a woman's life is not completed without experiencing marriage and child birth. Like any other girl, I had fantasies. How I am going to be proposed to, and what my wedding will be like. I have even chosen a preferred design of my future wedding dress already, something elegant and classy, but not OTT.

First child by 28, second by 30.
I LOVE BABIES. And I am going to give my children the best. Hopefully I will have one boy and one girl. As the only child in the family, I know how lonely it feels and how easy it is to become anti-social when your the only one. So, first child by 28, and second by 30- small gap between me and my babies, easier to understand them.
I want to become a great parent.
I am welcoming my tomorrow with a smile everyday. I am so excited to find out what is going to happen next. Be loved, Be successful, Be blessed, Be ambitious.
The Voyage of Rachel Li, has begun.


  1. Wow! Things have certainly panned out well for you. Congratulations on the job and your workstation looks nice. Are you back in HK?

    Love the apartment interior. I think that is New Your loft style, but very zen-like in form. It is my favourite "look".

    Now, stop planning so hard. Just enjoy your new life and all things will fall into line.

    Nice to see that smile! :)

  2. =) No being a part of the most powerful sales force in Asia for me then? Haha. Hope it all works out for you.

  3. why have you stopped posting on xanga D:

  4. I am deeply in love with your blog. Following following following!!
    & Merry Christmas, dear!


  5. Sounds like an awesome plan! About two years later now, how's the planning going? Xanga Friend - Titan35


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