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The Food Chapter

There are still many places to be seen, many things to be explored. The number of places I have been to remains limited at the moment, but I defintely have my own preferrence in relations to what to do in where. I am a travel maniac because I believe that whatever your interest, there will always be a place for you to do what you like best, let it be shopping, food, photography, or simply taking a walk. In the next few blogs I would like to share with you my recommendations..the best place for food, for photography, for entertainment and, for the perfect date.

The Food Chapter
I LOVE FOOD! For myself, the biggest pleasure in travelling is the process of searching for new flavours and tastes that you are not able to find in your motherland, and it had always been my priority.well, in this case I AM going to recommend my motherland, because it is simply, THE BEST when it comes to food. I hope I have made you drool after reading, and sorry if I made you hungry! 

Hong Kong
Welcome to: The "Gourmet Paradise". (My friends are welcome to skip this because we all know how good it is already) Sightseeing should never be your priority when travelling to Hong Kong. There are countless types of cuisine, from French to Indian, From Korean to Malaysian, you name it, you have it. Not only are the prices incredibly reasonable, it is also high quality at the same time. However this does not mean that Hong Kong lacks its own flavour. I promise you, go to the right places and you will find things that you wont be able to try else where. THE LIST IS ENDLESS but below are some of the the Traveller's favourites. NB: I will be going back in June, and I shall then give you a full review of the best places to go to. 

Hong Kong Style Eggette (雞蛋仔)-
A Hong Kong style pancake/ pastry made with sugar and egg, one of the most popular snacks in HK even until now. It is baked in a special tool. It tasted best hot and freshly made. The best ones you can find are actually on the streets with the illegal walkers haha but because of the increasing license problems you can only find it in stores, which does not taste as good but definitely worth the try! Price range 10HKD-15HKD. 

Steamed Rice Roll (豬腸粉)-
Roll made with rice pastry topped with Peanut butter sauce, Hoisin and Chilli sauce + Sesame. There are different kinds with stuffing that you can eat in Dim-sum restaurants but these are the most originals. You need to go to OLD stores for the best ones. Great Combination with porridge :) Price range: 10HKD for 5 rolls.

$10 "Shark-fin" soup (碗仔翅)- 
Lacking Money to try Shark-fin soup or against Animal Cruelty?Taste this. Chinese mushrooms, pork mince and rice noodles mixed in a specially made soup base. Add a drop of chinese vinegar, hmmmm~~~ You can find these in local markets where people do their everyday food shopping. Traveller's advice: Do not go into chain restaurants like 大家樂 for them, they dont taste as nice :D Price range: 12HKD-15HKD

Put Chai Ko (缽仔糕)-
Brown sugar or White Sugar? These are the childhood sweet snacks that has been floating abouts for absolutely ages! I remember eating one everyday after school. I think there developed a lot of new flavours to these but I always prefer the originals :) You can also find these in local markets or supermarkets, but I think the ones in local markets taste better. Price range: 5HKD-10HKD

Unlike Europe, we do not like to pay a lot of money to go to so-called high class chains for a cup of tea. Hong Kong's traditional cafes (茶餐廳) are the must try, where local people pay frequent visits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No Latte or Caramel Macchiato, everything that these cafes serve are originally HK style. Order a cup of tea, coffee or a fusion of both and you will know what I mean:) Prices are incredibly cheap. Paying approximately 25HKD (about 2GBP) and you can get yourself a decent meal. These cafes are everywhere on the streets, but you seldom find them inside department stores, because they are that traditional and good :)

Q: What is YOUR favourite Snack in Hong Kong? 

Sushi lover? But Japan is not just about sushi. I lived in Tokyo for a year for my studies and although I didnt get to travel everywhere, I had a blast just food-hunting in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe. I am not lying. I missed the food so much that I booked my tickets to Tokyo for the summer, for the round-2 food adventure- but two days after came the Lv9 earthquake and Tsunami. The situation is still really bad at the moment, but I am SURE it will be better soon :) (I am still secretly eating Sashimi despite my mom warning me everyday of the radiation harm...)
Omelet rice (オムライス)-
Delicious cheese and ham fried rice wrapped by egg pastry, topped with ketchup= hmm... I loved it so much I used to have it 3 times a week for lunch! MU's favourite is ”洋食エリーゼ” in じんみち通り(Jinmichi Tori) near JR 四ツ谷駅(Yotsuya Station), Tokyo. For 820YEN (approximately 6GBP) comes a big portion of Omelet rice with complimentary potato salad. Free water. MUST MUST TRY!

No, it doesnt taste like the ones in China Town. From soup base to choice of noodles, toppings, Japanese ramen is precise in the texture and flavour in their food. There are countless places that do delicious ramen but take a walk in 思い出横町 (Omoide Yokomachi) in JR新宿駅西口 (Shinjuku Station West Exit) and explore around! There is a wide selection of food- Teriyaki, soba, tempura etc......Prices range from 500YEN-800YEN

Kobe tepanyaki beef (神戸牛)-
Feeling rich and special then you must travel to Kobe for some quality beef. Prepared in front of you, the texture of the beef is so soft that it melts in your mouth. Best beef I have ever had in my entire life. Expensive, price range from 6000YEN- 20000YEN

Nothing much to say, there is only one thing that I do not want to forget the taste of...

Lamb Kebab-
Forget about what you ate in UK or US, Athens was like the kebab paradise to me. I missed the yogurt on top with pepper. The meat was so juicy that you just cant resist from having more! I had it almost everyday and I still miss it...MUST TRY! Prices range from 10EUROS-20EUROS.

If you have to recommend one place for food, which country will it be and what would you recommend??

Until Next time :)


  1. For really good 雞蛋仔 there is one which is famous in Tsim Sha Tsui... and if u can't go to Japan yet but want really really good ramen there is one in Central in HK, where I read some people have queued for 180 minutes just to eat it. Opened by Japanese people and only has 4 types of noodles to choose from...^^

  2. :) yay!

    Love this post, like the one on xanga haha
    btw this is! :)Now following you blogspot as well

  3. I LOOVE the shark fin... here in malaysia, we get to taste tat too at night market. yum yum!!


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