Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Jorney to Bath, United Kingdom (04/2011)

Are you a person that loves ancient cities? Are you bored of skyskyscrapers? If you are feeling something vintage and roman style, or a good lie in the sun, then Bath is a great place for a weekend get-away. The history of Bath began as early as 43AD, reknowned by the hotsprings and Roman baths. The city is surrounded by ancient remains. I was charmed as my train approached the station where it ran across the sight of the entire city. However, the best time to travel is probably restricted between April- July. There are also must-see and must-not-do things, all presented to you by, yours truly- ME :D

To see
Prepared to be ripped of in Bath! It is a tiny city with limited attractions.
The Roman Bath
No matter how much it costs and how much you are aware that it might not be worth the money, who isn't going to Bath to see the Roman Baths? (that even sounded dumb) You literally pay 12GBP to see this:
which you can always google but if you are willing to make this long journey then of cause you will enter, knowing that it might not be worth the money (like us did too!) The bath itself was quite astonishing, I must say. But personally, I think they should reduce the price and shut down all the other bits in the so-called museum which all you really see is rocks and old stones. The whole tour takes approximately 70 minutes. Discounts for students with ID and children.
Bath Abbey 
Another ancient looking church, like others in the entire Europe, located right next to the Roman Bath. Its situation in the small town centre marks its grand appearance and detailed interior. Inside are monuments, sculptures and decorative walls. Good for some photography. Free entrance.
The Riverside
Probably the prettiest scenery in Bath. I enjoyed taking a walk along the river, seeing the mini waterfall, and taking a pinic afterwards in the park next door (1GBP entrance fee...) The spot is romantic and relaxing. But stay away from trees to avoid bird poo!
Traveller's Advise
If you just came back from Rome, don't bother going to Bath. It is like a small and copied version, but at the same price. A return train ticket from London costs approximately 28GBP (and more if you travel during peak time) Hotel prices are quite expensive too. You are looking at around 100GBP for a room per night.
People say you go to Bath for Spa. NO YOU DO NOT. DO NOT go to this place:
which is a recommended attraction. Unless you want to pay for a specific spa treatment or massage, I suggest you do not be tricked inside this place. It sounds good on the leaflet, claiming that the price of 25GBP offers you a two-hour session of "Minerva Bath, Open-air rooftop pool, Aroma steam rooms and waterfall shower". In reality, it was 25GBP for a 2 hour session of bleached water and minty steam rooms with shower. Seriously not worth the money.
Do not go during Winter. If you realised that there is not much left to see and explore, you can at least go sit in the park and have a pinic, if it's sunny. Or take a walk along the river side. But I cannot imagine how depressing the river or the park will look when there is no green. Can you imagine an old city without any colour?
There are so many seagulls and pigeons that attack people and they poop everywhere! Be careful :)

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