Tuesday, 17 May 2011


To buy, or not to buy??

Classy design camera, lightweight and highly portable, high quality photography, high shutter speed,special effects, HD (avi. videos), great reviews, in love.
Pricey, pricey, PRICEY. GBP 480.

To buy, or not to buy?! DILEMMA!!!


  1. I'm more for Canon or Nikon..

  2. be a man, do the right thing!

  3. Pentax rocks and that one looks so good. I still have my old P30 and I love it, but I use a Fuji now.

    I would love one of those, but the RED ONE!!

  4. You take lots of pics, so it might be good...just be sure you can afford it :)

  5. Well i've never used that brand before, BUT if you like the way the photos come out and you know more or less how to handle that type of camera I say SPLURGE A LITTLE!!! :) it's always good to splurge a tiny bit once in a while on something we will love and use and that will make us happy :)

  6. nononono!

    get a Real Pro camera for a lil bit more, but it's definitely worth it.

    ie Canon :D


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