Friday, 3 June 2011

Graduation Dinner

Exams are finally finished. Revision and busy torturing period is all over. From now on, (after my long ass holiday anyway) my life takes up a new path, full of uncertainty and excitement. Before all of this, I had a chance to party with my fellow course mates and best friends that I made during the 4 years of education. What's more was to be able to see the cute smiling faces of the world's best teachers that night. We were truly blessed to have them helping us through our degree. Without them, we wont be where we are now. I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been beside me, enjoying the fun and also the hardships of learning the Japanese language, including the holy placement exam during the second year.

It was a fun night where most people dressed up, and so of course you see a different me too :) What do you think of the "trying to be elegant" me? hehe.

The Night. The Fun.
All the teachers from the Japanese department were present and I saw lots and lots of smiley faces. The girls were beautiful and the boys were smartly dressed.
Enjoy the pictures!

The BEST teachers on the entire planet
Lecturing me how to use the shutter on my camera LOL
My best beautiful friend :)
Train buddy!
And the night ended with lots of laughter and fun. Farewell my school buddies :) I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do in the future. Hope to see you all in the graduation ceremony!
With Love, MUJI


  1. Wow, congratulations on this momentous occasion. I'm really proud of you for your accomplishments. I guess the next question for you isn't what, but where to next on your adventures?


  2. Hi,

    Wish you all the best...

    Xanga.. SuperRat

  3. You don't need to try and be elegant, you are elegant. Great photos and congratulations.

  4. P.S. - I have started a 'new' blog here to post some of my older stuff that I used to have on Xanga.

  5. Congrats on your great achievement! :) Must feel good to finally be done. Whats next?

  6. Haha, congrats. You look really cute in your outfit btw.

    And I had to notice that there are a decent amount of white people taking the class. Sometimes, I have to wonder why they take the class besides wanting to pick up an Asian gf... or at least that the case in the most of the Asian classes I've seen.

  7. Congratulations! By the way, what song is it in the background?

    ~Titan35 (Xanga)

  8. awesome graduation dinner. You looked very beautiful.
    Nice piano music btw.


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